At St Anthony’s, we empower students.

We are focussed on enabling our students to attain high academic results.  The Board of Trustees places a large priority on professional learning for teachers to ensure that the most current and effective teaching practices are implemented within the classroom and across school programmes.  We work as a team across the school, moderating and enhancing good practice.  We professionally evaluate our practice to ensure we deliver programmes that can assist teachers to assess against the achievement expectations with confidence and accuracy.

Our school has a strong emphasis in not only creating excellence in the learning programmes but also in the positive relationships and classroom environments we have. We believe a positive school environment will encourage a passion for learning.  This includes our classrooms and our playgrounds.  We have spent a great amount of time and effort to update our classroom environment to be colourful, engaging and flexible spaces for children to feel welcome and valued.  Students have regular access to our eLearning platform (1:1 devices).  We have a large diversity of play equipment available to all students during outdoor playtimes.  

We have many sporting opportunities available for all age groups and also participate in physical education on a daily basis.  We encourage students to be active, improve physical skills and participate in team sport.  Available opportunities include: touch rugby, netball, indoor and outdoor hockey, swimming, teeball, softball, basketball, athletics, 7-aside, volleyball and football.